A hospital hired a dog who says hi to the employees and patients


Dogs have a great importance in people’s everyday life. They can lower people’s degree of loneliness, stress and anxiety.

Dogs have a great influence on the personality of people. It has also an impact on the behavioir of people. It has been proved that dogs have lived with people for already 10,000 years.

Those whose work is connected with anxiety they need dogs by their side most of all. A hospital has hired a dog only for saying Hi to the employees.

Many hospitals also hired dogs for their staff member trying to comfort the people in this difficult situation. The dog is hired as “Justice Volunteer”. The hospital is in Ohio.

The dog has inspired other hospitals to have such dogs so that they also could help their patients and staff members.

The presence of the dog can give  positive influence on the community.

The cute dogs can change the whole atmosphere in the world. They make the difficult situations to different ones.

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