A kind hearted Delco woman rescues abandoned parrots


A woman devoted her life to rescueing the abandoned parrots. Her name is Margarit Ouali. She is already 50 years old.

She has a house with four bedrooms and five birdrooms. The woman has her 10 own parrots but she also has a dozen rescued parrots.

She is married and she jokes with her husband telling that this is not their house this is a bird house. Her husband is very attentive and understanding.

The birds love the couple as they always care about them and feed them properly. There is not any bird that does not get much attention.

This woman does her best for the comfort of the parrots. She started to care about the parrots in need of help as she herself was once a lost child. She was taken to foster care.

She rescues damaged and abandoned parrots as she knew she had to give the birds what they need.

This woman is such a kind hearted and generous person.The birds are given fruit and vegetables as well as they adore the blueberry pancakes.

The woman herself makes the pancakes for the parrots as before this she used to work in the restaurants.

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