A touching story . A kind hearted man rescues a puppy in a hopeless state after some years they reunite again


People should always be attentive to the animals in need of help. They are always there to help people.

Here is a story about a man who was just going to the store to buy something when he heard cries of the dog.

The man’s name is Bob. He used to go to the shop by car but he went on foot at that time. He wanted to walk and breath the fresh air.

He could not just pass and look what happened.The tiny dog was suffering in the cold weather.

The dog was shivering in deapair. The man knew that this was his chance to save the little dog.

He put the dog in his jacket and wrapped him in order to warm him up. He understood that this was a fate that he decided to go on foot.

He quickly took the dog to the vet clinic. The dog was malnourished and he was a few months old. The dog was soon adopted by lovely couple. He got all the love and care that he deserved. They named the dog Louie.

Once the man and the dog reunited again and this scene was heartwarmin. The dog showed that he remembered the man who rescued him once. The man could not have imagined that the dog will meet him in such a warm way.

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