A sweet video.150lb dog so called “gentle giant ” turns into a foster dad for the cute kittens


The cute dog is 150 lb. The dog is like a giant. Those who see the dog are scared of him, but this dog is rather kind hearted. He won’t hurt anyone. He is very gentle.

The dog is afraid of his own shade. This large dog is named Corbin. He is so kind to kittens and even melts hearts by his gentle attitude towards them.

The owner of the dog is Karen. Karen’s foster kittens have a great importance for her. At first she was afraid of the giant dog to hurm the tiny kittens but she was mistaken.

Karen was concerned that the dog would put his paw on the kittens. One kitten was not afraid of the cute dog and even came closer to the dog and did not leave his side. The dog was so gentle to the kitten.

It turned out that the dog is a foster dad for the kitten. The kitten named Jasper likes to chew the paw of the dog to get his attention. The kitten adores the dog.

Now the kitten is adopted. The dog Corbin misses the kitten. There are also other kittens with whom he gets along well. The dog understands that the kitten is safe and sound.

Here is the video:

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