A rescued lion says goodbye to his savior after 20 years together


A beloved lion is  named Juipter. The lion is from Columbia. The lion is rather famous at Refugio Villa Lorena.

Ana Julia Torres cares for animals in the animal refugee. She cares for more than 800 animals.She looks after jaguars, tigers, ostriches, crocodiles, chimpanzees and other animals.

The woman adores her job. She loves her lion. The lion Jupiter is her favourite. The woman says that she has two human children and the rest animals are her children too. She thinks that they are wonderful.

These animals living in the animal refugee   were abused before. Now they are given special care. The lion Jupiter was abused in the circus.

The lion was brought to the animal shelter.The lion was afraid of people but after some time the lion gained his trust towards people. The lion suffered badly from liver cancer and was tranformed to another Zoo.

The lion struggled with his illness. The lion received treatment in the Zoo. He had last chance to say his final goodbye to the woman who looked after him and gave sense to his life.

The lion and the woman hugged each other tightly. This was such an emotional scene that it made the witnesses cry of sadness.

Even the lion struggled but lost the battle and passed away in 2020. The memory of the lion is still alive.

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