An adorable video. A dog with huge and fluffy ears looks like Mickey Mouse


Here is a dog like a Mickey Mouse. The cute dog lives in Tokyo. The sweet dog is 8 years old. The adorable dog is named Goma.

This cute dog is named Mickey Mouse because of her fluffy and big ears. It is well known all the world for her cute appearance.

The dog is a mix of Papillion and Maltese that is why she is so cute looking dog. The ears of the dog resembles the Maltese and the upwards resembles Papillion.

Goma has an instagram page with 110k followers. There are many adorable pictures of the dog in the page and they are dowloaded daily.

The dog has her back pack and stroller and lives a very delightful life. She has her own toys which she adores. She has also bunny ears, neck ties and other accessories.

Here is the video:

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