True friends. Two dogs are fond of holding each other’s paws


Two cute dogs have a very unique way to express their tight bond and love. The two dogs like to hold paws everywhere they go. When the dogs lie down or are just next to each other.

The two dogs have a very special and tight bond. They are always waiting each other both inside and outside wherever they are.

One dog is a Golden retriever named Code, the other dog is Bernese a mountain dog named Trudi. Trudi is six years old.

Bernese is a laid-back dog and does not think of anything. The other dog is fond of lying on top of her.

Trudi has the habbit of holding the hand of her owner even when the owner is driving a car. The two dogs are loyal and trust each other.

Thomas is the owner of the dogs and he admires how they hold each other paws and do not want to leave each other’s side. They are close friends and adorable dogs.

Here is the video:

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