Video. A missing dog was found and reunited with her family after alerting her family about the dangerous tornado


This story is about a hero dog which an Australian shepherd. The cute dog is named Bella.

The dog has rescued her family from the dangerous tornado. The tornado was EF-54 tornado. The tornado destroyed their home and the dog went missing.

The family did everything to find their hero dog. The smart dog alerted the family to wake up and to hide in the bathtub.

While the family hid, the cute dog got lost. The family came to the place where the tornado destroyed their house in the hope of finding the dog, but useless.

After nearly two months one of the friend of the family recieved a call about the lost dog. The dog was seen wandering near the animal grooming.

After 54 days the owner named Eric and the dog finally reunited. The dog felt happy to meet his friend again. Both of them were excited.

The family planned to build a house the place where the tornado took their house.Luckily, their family will be completed.

Here is the video:

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