The cute dog is so relieved to be rescued that he hugs her rescuer tightly and melts in her arms feeling comfort


A dog was left in a garage in a hopeless state. The dog looked very sad and thin. He was neglected by people.

The dog was named Chowder. The dog always waited for a miracle. The dog was noticed by a woman.

The dog was taken to an animal shelter. The dog was so scared that he was shivering both from cold and despair.

The dog was taken to a vet immediately and was examined. It turned out that the dog had an eye infection. The dog was cured here.

When the dog felt warmth and saftey in the arms of the rescuer he hugged the woman.The dog expressed his thankfulness melting in the arms of the rescuer.

The neglected dog lives his life happily now. He is fed properly and taken care of carefully.

The dog is very gentle and affectionate and he is very grateful for being rescued and having a second chance to live his life safe and sound.

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