An owl was rescued by a man became his best friend and keeps him company staying inside instead of hanging outside


A man whose name is Peter Middleton rescued an owl which was rather small. The cute creature was lying on the ground. He was in a terrible state.

Peter Middleton could not neglect the state of the owl and decided to take the owl. He took the owl to the vet. He was cured for two months. The cute creature was named Bertie.

The owl became very active after being cured. He was taken home as the vet said that he has recovered and he can keep the owl with other birds.

Mr. Middleton took the owl and put it in the cage of the dog. The owl did not feel comfortable so he took the owl home.

From this time on the owl lived at home. He became best friends with his owner. They became inseperable and the owl was always by the man’ side whatever he did.

The owl is well fed and looked after. The owl even helps the man with every day chores. The owl likes to sit on the saucepans when the man is in the kitchen.

The bird is also fond of sitting on the head of the man after bath to dry his feather. He helps the man to work on the computer.

The owl likes to stand on the handle of the kettle. Their bond is so tight and their relationship is true. They are devoted companions for each other.

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