A disabled dog finds strength to rescue his owner’s life jumping over the fence and rescuing him


A smart dog could rescue his owner. The quick reactions of the disabled dog saved the owner’s life.

The dog was named Chance and he was just 10 years old.The pit bull boxer mix has lived with the man since he was born.

His owner’s name is Billy Collins. The man suddenly fell on the ground of the kitchen. Unfortunately, he lost his consioucness. He hurt his forehead.

The dog understood that he must remind the neigbour and ran from chained fence to alert them.

The dog was stressed and the neighbour understood that something was wrong as the dog behaved strange.

They rushed to their house and saw that the owner of the dog was lying unconsious on the floor.

When the man was taken to the hospital and was cured here. The man woke up and he wanted to see was his dog.

The man just thanked the dog as he is always by his side. They are inseperable and they are always together. They are true and devoted friends. He owes the dog for his life.

The dog is a real hero.  All the neighbours were scared of the dog but now they all consider him a real hero.

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