A touching story. A hero Golden Retriever rescued an injured bald eagle from freezing in the snow


A hero dog did his best and acted heroicly to save the bald eagle from freezing in the cold.

A dog named Kenai went for a walk with his owner and his owner’s friend. The dog a Golden retriver is very kind. He is just three years old.

The dog is very smart. He noticed a freezing eagle and started barking to alert his owner about the distressed eagle.

The owner and her friend understood that something was wrong and followed the dog. They saw the injured bald eagle lying on the side of the river.

The bald eagle needed medical help. The bald eagle was not only injured but also poisoned. He was taken to the Raptor Centre.

Now the bald eagle is safe as he has been cured properly. Thanks to this dog and his companions the bald eagle is safe and sound. If they did not act quickly the eagle would have  been frozen.

Here is the heartwarming scene:

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