Heartwarming story. The one year old little girl with one arm and the three – legged dog became true friends


A girl with one hand missing became true and devoted friends with the dog. The mother of the girl saw the dog on the TV.

The program showed an animal shelter where the mother saw a dog with three legs and decided to adopt the dog.

The dog was named Snowy. The dog became a devoted companion for the little girl. The dog and the girl were of the same age. They understood each other perfectly.

The dog and the girl were just for each other. They did not leave each other’s side. At first the dog was a little confused as the dog was very active.

The dog and the girl like to sit on the grass and spent the whole day together. The dog is very attentive to the girl.

When the dog gets up he rushes to the little girl when to other members of the family. The dog comforts the little girl and completes the family.

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