A heartwarming footage. A man becomes very emotional after finding his two lost dogs during adoption photoshoot


A man becomes excited to see the two huskies who he lost some days ago. The man found them accidently during the photoshoot devoted to shelter dogs adoption.

When the man saw his two Huskies he became emotional. One husky is three years old named Ragnar. The other husky is 11 years old is named Kloud.

When the man recognized his two furry friends. He even did not manage to park his car and ran to the dogs.

The sweet scene was captured. The owner could not hold his tears and began crying full of emotions of missing the dog.

The man had looked for the dog for a whole weekend. The man spread fliers to get information about his lost dog but useless. A good samritan had helped the man qnd gave information about the huskies.

The man considers himself rather lucky to find his lost dogs. He decided to microchip the dogs so that they did not get lost. If they got lost he would find them easily.

Here is the video:

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