A real hero . The cop spends his savings on caring on the abandoned or retired K9s


A police dog trainer whose name is Bai Yan works with dogs both in the provinces and in the cities.

When this service dogs become older they get retired or have a well wanted rest.

This police dog trainer Bau Yan does a good deal. He provides the abandoned and retired K9 dogs with a shelter.

He became worried about the future of these dogs. He created this unusual shelter to provide them with living conditions.

He really adores dogs especially those with whom he worked. The man saved money and spent 150,000 dollars on this project.


This shelter is a perfect place for the elderly dogs. He built a large a house with a territory for the dogs.

He visits the shelter and looks after each dog. He taken different dogs to work with him. He really cares for them and for their comfort. This man is a  kind hearted hero. He deserves being praised.

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