A heartwarming and touching footage. A boy, who is just 7 years old, got a present which made him cry of joy


A boy who is just 7 years old loves puppies very much. He is fond of animals. He has always dreamt of having his own pet.

The boy was named Jensen Stuart. The boy had a very difficult time at school. The boy could not have imagined that something good could happen in her life.

The grandparents of the boy made a surprise for the boy. They gave him a box where there was a puppy. They fullfilled his dream at last.

They gave him a box and asked to guess what was in the box. The boy’s reaction of seeing the puppy in the box made him very excited.

The scene was captured and it is so emotional. The boy began to cry of joy and happiness.

This scene will make you think that little things can bring happiness to people.They became best friends.

Here is the video:

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