An interesting footage. A brave German shepherd was able to tread water for nearly 11 hours to rescue his owner from drowning


A courageous dog which is of German shepherd breed rescued his owner’s life who was drawning in the water.

Thanks to smart and quick actions of the dog, the man was rescued. The dog was able to tread water for 11 hours.

The heroic actions of the dog surprised everyone present. He deserves to be praised as the dog was rather devoted and risky.

The dog was seen by some fishermen who were passing by. They noticed that the dog was excited and made an endeavour effort to save his owner.

The dog was swimming without stop to the moving items in the water. The fisermen called for help to the police office.

A helicopter and four police vessels completed the rescue with a success. If there was not the dog, his owner won’t have been rescued.

The dog was named Heidi. At first he was pulled  out of the water and was taken to the vet clinic. After that they saw the man in sunk boat.

The man told that his dog swam towards him for 11 hours and showed that he is a true and devoted friend.

The man told that his 13.5 foot vesel lost power and began to sink. From this moment the dog swam towards him until they both were noticed by fishermen.

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