The kind-hearted couple spends 50,000$ turning their house into a safe place for elder and disabled dogs


A couple does a very good deal. They spent 50,000 dollars to turn their comfortable house into a shelter for elder and not healthy dogs.

There are many people that care about young dogs, but there are few who care about senior dogs or disabled dogs.

This couple whose names are Marisa and Chris care about helpless dogs. They look after more than 20 elder dogs.

They help these dogs by spending money on their recovery. The whole house is designed for the comfort of the dogs. The mats, plastic sheets, floor and ramps are especially for the dogs.

The couple appreciates each life and they sacrifice their time and money to make the lives of the elder dogs for the better.

The couple spends 45 minutes to feed the dogs and give medicine. The couple adds that dogs in need of help always need attention and care.The elder dog desreves to be respected and loved.

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