A sweet scene. A thankful kangaroo expressed his gratitude to the three men who got him out of the freezing lake by handshake


It is always pleasant to see how people help animals. It is a very good deed but animals are not ablr to thank people, but there are cases that make you feel very surprised.

It is as if the animals appreciate what is done for them. The animals thank by very surprising ways. In this story a kangaroo suggested a handshake to the men who saved him.

A man whose name is David Boyd saw how the kangaroo suffered and tried to get out of the freezing lake. The hopeless animal tried to get out of the water.

Two man also came to help the man and made effort to take the kangaroo out. The men got into the lake to reach the kangaroo and bring him to safety.

They tried to bring him to the dry land. They tried to keep the scared kangaroo calm.

It needed a half hour to become calm. In the end it expressed its thankfullness with a handshake. It was as if the kangaroo understood everything.

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