Woman sees her dog’s face in the clouds hours after the dog passed away


Animals have a great importance in people’s lives. People become best friends with their pets and life becomes rather difficult without their favourite pets.

This touching story is about a dog who passed away. He was a true and devoted friend for the family. He was an inseperable member of the family.

Her owner is a young girl who is just 19 years old. Her name is Lucy Legdeway. He was devastated when he knew about the serious illness of the dog.

The dog was 14 years old. He was a Jack Russell terrier. He passed away because of serious seizure. The dog was named Sunny as he brightened her owner’s day. A real sunny dog.

When he died, her owner was grieving badly. She was very sad and decided to drive her car with her boyfriend to breath fresh air and clear her head a little bit.

She saw her dog’s face in the clouds. This was a coincedence. She was shocked and captured the scene. She just thought about her favourite dog all the time.

The photo of the dog spread in the social media. The woman was crying when she saw her dog’s face in the clouds.

The photo got 100,000 likes and many people were impressed by this scene. The vision is inspiring.

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