A touching story. A homeless dog who never felt warmth and attention got the love that he deserved and started to cry of happiness


A dog was stuck in the banks of river channel. The dog is a Golden retriever. The dog was in a hopeless state. The dog was rather old.

The dog was just trying to get out but he did not have strength. He laot his trust that someone would help him. The flowing water took the dog.

Volunteers came to rescue the dog in despair. They tried to get the dog out after saving the dog. They fed the dog very well.

The dog has been wandering in the streets. The cute dog was taken to safety. The dog was crying as he felt warmth and attention for the first time.

He was neglected as he had been wandering in the streets. He had always felt useless. Now he is loved and taken care of.

The dog has his caring forever home now. The family loves him very much. The German shepherd is doing well and has changed very much. The dog is named Biggie.

Here is the video:

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