A cute Chihuahua which is just three months old and does not have front legs likes to cuddle with his toys, especially Lamb Chop


This dog might be different from other dogs but he rather cute in his own way. The dog does not just give up enjoying his life to the fullest.

The cute dog does not have front legs. The sweet dog is name Joey. The dog is Chihuahua. The dog is only three months old.

The dog is very smart. He runs and jumps and tries to do his best like his sisters and brothers.

The dog loves to get hugs,play,run and jump. The dog is very active and is one of the happiest dogs in the Vintage Pet rescue.

Nothing stops the cute creature from doing anything. The Vintage Pet rescue provides comfort for the dogs in need of help. There are many dogs with disabilities.

The cute is loved and taken care of. The dog loves to have a nap with toys, especially his favourite toy. His favourite toy is Lamb Chop.

The Chihuahua likes to hug his favourite Lamb Chop. He will soon be put for adotion when he has a wheelchair.

The dog has a positive appearance and likes to get pleasure of small things. The dog will soon have a forever home.

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