The dog was grieving in despair as his owner left him. Suddenly his life changed abruptly


This story is about a sad dog whose name is Neno. The dog felt sad as he was left by his owner. The dog felt horrible as he was ill.

The dog felt useless. His owner left him in the shelter. A man whose name is Paige King saw the terrible state of the dog and decided to make a video and show that dogs have strong feelings.

The dog did not look at people. He used to stay in one corner of the room. There were tears in her eyes.

The poor dog melted the woman’s heart and she decided to adopt the dog. Seeing the video of the dog she did not stop for a moment and called to the shelter to take the dog.

The woman’s name is Laura Rogers. The woman took the dog to the vet. The dog had thyroid disease. After several months the dog was treated and felt better.

The dog changed abruptly. The dog turned out to be affecionate and lovely dog. He loved to play outdoors.

The dog is very happy now as he is surrounded with warmth and love. He is getting stronger day after day. He began to trust people.

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