Little boy left a puppy in a box near the school with a heartbreaking message


Children like puppies but it ia rather difficult for them to leave them alone. The boy who found a little black coloured dog could not just pass by the dog.

He was near a school. He decided to put the cute dog in the box and leave it in front of the school. He knocked the door of the school and ran away.

The caretaker opened the door of the school. He saw how the boy ran and came and saw a box. There was a little puppy there.

There was also a note. There was written that ” Sorry, it did not have home and it is so cold and they could not leave it. Let him find a forever home”. The boy even thanked for that.

The cute dog was adopted a teacher who loves dogs. They named the sweet dog Snowflake. She took the dog to the vet. The dog was examined here and he was also vaccinated.

Detroit Pit Crew dog rescue found a forever home for the puppy. The dog was adopted before Christmas.

The dog lives in a lovely home now. He is loved and take care of now.Thanks to this caring boy the dog was rescued and did not have to wander in the streets.

Here is the video:

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