A tiny dog is fond of insisting on to stop and smell every flower he sees


All dogs are fond of sniffing. This dog is named Finn. The dog is special as he like to smell flowers.

This 2 years old dog likes spring most of all. The dog is of Pekingese Brussels griffon mix.

The owner of the dog is Sarah Geers. She noticed that her dog is fond of sniffing flowers smell when the dog was a little puppy.

The dog does not bite the flowers or harm them. The dog is very gentle. When the flowers do not bloom the dog climb up to the coffee table to sniff the flowers on the table.

The dog adores especially pansies. These flowers are non toxic to dogs. These flowers are tasty but the dog does not even have an intention to eat them.

The dog likes not only the flowers but also his family. The dog even smells the fake flowers.

Even when the dog is in the car, the dog likes to pop his head out to sniff as they walk along the aisle.

The dog is very positive and spreads smile and happiness to his family and all those people who know him. The dog becomes relaxed and content smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers.

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