Maternal love. Mother Golden retriever risked her life to get her puppy out of the ditch


Maternity is very strong feeling. Mothers do everything possible for the well being of their children.

They are able to risk their lives for their children.A dog of Golden Retriever breed was seen helping his puppy to get out of the ditch in China.

The puppy made effort to get out of the high wall of ditch. Her mother forgot her own life and gave hand to help the hopeless puppy.

Mother dog sees her dog trying to get out and jumps to help him and save him. She looked at her puppy and analyzed the state. She came foreward and grabbed his ear.

She tried to pull the puppy out. The mother dog was able to take the puppy out to safety. Now they live happily. Luckily, none of them is harmed.

Here is the video:

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