Couple sees a photo of the saddest dog in the shelter and drives six hours to get him


When a couple moved to a new apartment the girlfriend whose name is Jessica Williams wanted to fullfill her dream and have a dog. She started to look for the dog in different animal shelters.

The boyfriend told her that she would have the dog on her birthday. The girl was so excited to have the dog that she went on looking for the dog.

Jessica found the dog that needed much care as he had many health problems. The dog had even lost his fur because of bad flea alergy.

The dog was named Benji. He had been a stray dog wandering in the streets of Los Angeles. The dog was brought to the shelter and he looked very thin and scary.

The shelter did everything possible but the dog turned out to be the saddest dog in the shelter. Jessica always thought about this sad dog ad could not get the dog out of her head.

The couple lived in Sacramento. They decided to drive their car for six hours to adopt the dog and the dog was worth it.

When the couple arrived the shelter the dog seemed very shy and scary. The dog was afraid of people. The couple took the dog which seemed very confused.

After some days the dog changed abruptly. The dog started to be active and playful. The dog used to come and lick the face and hands of his owner.

The dog enjoys going with them everywhere by car. The dog feels warmth and safety now. He is loved and taken care of properly.

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