The hidden camera catches a sweet scene bathing with a toy bear


A bear which was left orphaned was named Tamarack. The bear was saved from wildfrie zone as he had badly burnt paws.

His paws were brunt from blaze. This happened in Northern California.The cute bear was being treated in the wildlife care facility when he escaped to the wild.

Luckily, the bear is safe and sound. He lives happily as he is so adorable. The cute bear has a habbit of escaping that is why cameras were put near the house to show where the bear was.

The camera shot a cute scene how the bear swims in the water with a toy bear which he found in the water. The scene will make you happy.

It melts hearts. The cute bear swims with the toy bear with whom he befriended. It is not clear how the toy bear appeared in the water. They are so cute together. The bear is very playful and lively now.

Here is the sweet video:

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