A little boy loses his puppy and looks for the lost puppy crying inconsolably and goes viral


A picture of a little boy went viral in the social media. The boy was just crying and looking for a dog. The boy was crying hopelessly and he could touch many people’s heart.

Thanks to the photo which spread in the social media, the lost dog was found. The boy whose name is Jonathan was seven years old.

He has a furry friend and they are inseperable. The dog was named Ryder. The boy and the dog grew up together. They were inseperable and their bond was very tight.

The boy was so worried as he himslef lost his hope to find the dog. He tried everything possible and did not give up.

Fortunately, the picture of dog was spread in the animal activist group. The lost dog was found. The moment they reunited was heartwarming and they hugged and kissed each other.

Thanks to the people who helped to find the dog the boy feels happy and  grateful to all the people who supported him in this difficult period of time.

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