A man rescued a stray one-eyed kitten wandering in the streets of Cairo and decided to find a better life for him


This is a story about one eyed kitten which was rescued by a man from Cairo.  The name of the man is Ahmed. The kitten missed one eye as one of his eyes was underdeveloped.

The stray kitten was named Poppy. The tiny kitten had a skin problem and did not have a mother by her side.

The kitten was all alone and could hardly survive. The man made a desicion to help the desperate kitten.

The man rang up Happy Homes Animal Rescue and informed about the stray kitten in a hopeless state.

The man took care of the kitten until the kitten would be moved. He looked after the kitten and changed his life for the better.

The kitten recovered and his health became stronger. The kitten Poppy had a 14 hour flight to reach New Jersey. Luckily, he came to Happy Homes Animal Rescue safe and sound.

The volunteers said that the kitten is in a good health now. Thanks to this man the neglected kitten will be loved and given care. Very soon they will find a forever home for the kitten.

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