Overjoyed dog can not stop kissing and hugging her new owner after getting adopted


It is always good news that dogs from the shelter are adopted. The reaction of dogs feeling warmth and comfort is such a sweet scene.

The dogs behave as if they know that they are rescued. They do not stop licking their adopter and giving kisses.

A husband and a wife lost their dog named Mischka after that they decided to adopt a dog. They decided to overcome this difficult period of time.

They found a dog Maggie and the dog gave hugs and kisses. The dog could not leave the man’s side and started to lick the man’s face and hands.

The scene melted hearts.The neglected dog became a part of the family. The dog did not stop hugging the man.

The man told that this was love from the first sight. They described the dog as one of the sweetest foster dogs. They became connected very instantly.

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