A touching footage. A terrified stray German shepherd kept crying until a woman came near to rescue the dog


Hope for Paw got a call about a stray dog which was a mix German shepherd. The dog was just sitting under the car and did not want to move from its place.

The poor dog kept crying. The dog was so innocent. The poor dog hid under the car and protected herself from people.

A woman whose name is Loreta tried to attract the attention of the dog. She offered a burger to the dog.

The dog came closer and the woman petted the dog. The dog started to cry and the woman did not want to scare the dog.

The rescuers did everything possible to take the dog. They rescued the dog carefully. The terrified dog would become more aggresive that is why they treated her with caution.

The dog was taken to the shelter. His state became better day after day. The dog was named Rainy.

Two weeks later the dog was adopted by a lovely family. The lovely family has also a pet with whom the dog gets along very well. The dog likes to give her hand to people. The dog became lively as she is surrounded with love and care.

Here is the video:

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