A kind man opens an asylum for abandoned elderly dogs


Shep’s Place Elderly Dogs Sanctuary does everything to find a forever home for elderly dogs. They want the dogs to live their day surrounded with warmth and love.

The fouder of the shelter is Russell Clothier.The name of the shelter was after an abandoned dog named Shep who was taken by Russell Clothier.

This refugee was for elderly dogs as they are often left neglected. They need so much attention. The owner of the sanctuary had worked as a volunteer in different shelters.

He had seen how the elderly dogs are left in the shelter and they are not adopted because of their age.

The man bought this house which is very comfortable for the dogs. The dogs have comfortable cages and a large patio to play freely.

All the dogs get along with each other very well. The dogs live their days in comfort and their final years are very good living in comfort.

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