A real act of heroism. A brave service dog throws himself in front of the school bus to protect his blind owner


A dog named Figo and his blind owner were crossing the street when the school bus motorist did not see them. The dog did his best to cover his owner with his body so that the owner did not have serious injures.

The owner of the dog is Audrey Stone. The dog could shield Stone. The dog had serious injures because of the accident.

The canine is a real hero as he took all the blow. The dog did not leave his owner’s side. The dog is a devoted and true friend for his owner.

Brewster chief of police whose name is John del Gardo the dog stood and did not want to go anywhere. He rescued his owner’s life.

Both the dog and his owner were taken to the hospital. The dog was calm and did not show any sign of crying or barking. The dog was in pain but he behaved as if he is very strong.

Stone was taken by an ambulance and the dog was taken to a vet by the fire deparment truck.

Both of them are being treated and they are recovering step by step. This canine is a brave dog and he is worth praising. The dog is a real hero.

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