A 18 years old dog got adopted by an incredibly kind man


All dogs deserve to have a forever home and be adopted from shelters.The elderly dogs also suffer with the problem of not being adopted.

Many senior dogs are left in the kennels. They feel neglected as the people who come here do not want to to take elderly dogs because of their age.

A dog named Julep is 18 years old. The owner of this dog died and her family memebers did not want to look after the hearbroken canine.

The dog was taken to the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA). The whole staff was concerned about the state of the dog as the dog was the oldest in the shelter.

The story about the dog spread in the social media by the staff members. The dog melted many people’s heart.

The story was shared 4000 times and even the picture of the dog was put on the front page of a newspaper. The charisma of the dog attracted people.

The man came by a motorcycle when he saw the dog he went home to come by his car to take the cute dog to his house. The man feels much better person for having the dog in his life.

The man was living very difficult times at that period of time as his dog passed away and this dog would fill his place. The new adopted dog was named Tottie. The man feels happy to have Tottie as her pet.

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