A nice and generous restaurant owner prepares a free meal for homeless dogs who visit his restaurant


A heartwarming story is about a restaurant called Gerqrdo Ortiz’s cafe-restaurant. The restaurant is situated in Peru.

The owner of the restaurant whose name is Ortiz adores dogs. He feeds homeless dogs which lack the opportunity of being fed properly.

The man feeds the stray dogs and their amount enlargens day after day. The man understands that they need much care and love.

He does everything not to let any dog be hungry. Those who visit the cafe are dog lovers. They are very gentle and compassionate towards the stray dogs.

The man says he wants to show that their lives are important. He tries to catch new faces and treat the goodness.

The dogs feel appreciated. The owner of the cafe says that the happiness of dogs feels his heart with warmth.

He adds even they do not pay money but wag their tail which is enough to know that these innocent creatures are healthy and happy.There is not any dog that is not fed as the man just pass by.

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