A blind and deaf senior dog who never felt love and care slow dances with her new owner


This is a touching story about a dog which is already 11 years old. The dog was rescued by a kind woman.

The dog had lived a very difficult life. The dog was both deaf and blind. It seems rather difficult to look after such kind of dog.

The owner of the dog did everything possible to make the days of the dog better. From the time on the woman took the dog she always danced with her holding the dog tightly.

Even the dog does not hear or see actions but she got used to it. She really enjoys this and got pleasure every time.

The woman enjoys spending every minute with the cute creature always in need of care and affection.

The woman name is Elrod. The dog is named Beanie.She did a lot of work for the dog. At first the dog refused to eat she made much effort through different methods to feed the dog.

Both of them gave sense to each other’s life. Every day the woman holds the dog and sways back and forth. The dog relaxed through the dancing treatment.

The woman says that the dog is her soulmate dog. The dog is 24 hours with her. The dog gives love and spreads hope to the woman. The woman thanks God for having Beanie as her favourite pet.

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