A cute footage. A little girl wanted to adopt the sick and shivering dog from the shelter and change the life of the dog for the better


A pit bull was brought to the shelter shivering a whole day. She was in a hopeless state. The dog had serious infections.

It was clear he had a hazardous life. The dog was on the edge of death. A family came to adopt a dog for their little girl. They wanted a companion for the girl named Gigi.

When the family came to shelter they noticed the sad dog hiding in one corner of the cage. The little girl insisted on taking this pit bull as he touched her heart.

The dog looked very gentle and pitiful. The mother of the girl showed other dogs but the girl returned 3 times to the same pit bull with an innocent look.

The shelter staff gave the dog to the family. The dog used to hide near the girl. The family named the sick dog Scarlet O’ Connor.

The dog spent the whole day with the dog. The girl changed the dog’s state for the better. The dog became rather active and lively.

The girl’s efforts were useful. Now the duo lives happily together. Thanks to the little girl the dog got a second chance to lead a better life.

The cute duo spends all the time playing in the yard. The dog feels safety and warmth that is why he looks healthy and joyful.

Here is the video:

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