Heartfelt images. Ten orphaned street boys choose to share their food with ten homeless dogs they adopted


Little boys living in Bangladesh prefer to share their food with the stary dogs they look after. These street boys live in the little park in the city’s south west called Robindra Shorbod.

A photographer captured the scene. The boys holding their dogs so tightly. This photos will fill your heart with warmth and love.

These photos are so touching. Ten boys gather plastic containers or beg money. They spend this money on food.

They do not eat the food alone but share it with their ten dogs. The photographer spent a week with leds and knew the way how they could survive and their daily routine.

The leds gather plastic containers and sell for recycling. Looking at these photos one can understand how tight the bond between dogs and the orphaned children are. It is inseperable.


These photos are very heartmelting and makes people think once more. The animals are always in need of our care. Kindness and generousity still exists.

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