The tiny dog befriended with a monarch butterfly and for a moment the world was perfect


Rylee Boland and her French bulldog named Mochi were just sitting at home when a butterfly visited their garden.

The dog rushed as she saw from the window the monarch butterfly. The butterfly came to warm her wings.

It seemed as if the cute dog came to welcome and greet the butterfly. The dog behaved as if she undertood the gentle butterfly wanted a gentle welcome.

The scene how the dog treated the butterfly is very heartwarming. The dog did not want to hurt the cute and colourful butterfly as it is so kind.

Both the dog and the butterfly were so sweet and calm together that the owner of the butterfly captured the scene with beautiful pictures.

The butterfly felt warmth and safety sitting on the  the dog. She felt that the butterfly will not hurm her.

For a moment a world seemed so perfect. The kindness and trust of the dog made the scene so cute and trust.The butterfly left and took her flight after 15 minutes. The scene is so sweet that will fill your heart with positive feelings.

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