A 180 pound dog adores waiting for his favourite mailwoman to give hugs and cuddles


A giant dog Fronky,a breed of Bull Mastiff, has his own way of his routine. He weighs 180 pounds and he looks so sweet and fluffy.

The dog is fond of asking his owner to open the door. The dog just sits in the front yard and waits for his favourite person.

This person is a mailwoman whom the dog adores. This mailwoman is named Shaun and she is the best buddy for the Bull Mastiff.

The dog is seven weeks old and he and the mailwoman have become inseperable friends. Seeing this woman is the main thing in the Fronky’s day.

The dog does not run away from yard. He waits for the woman who gives him pets and hugs. When the dog hears the woman’s voice he becomes uncontrolable. The dog wants to see the woman as the woman calms him down and gives sense to her life.

The owner of the dog says that the dog considers the mailwoman as a member of their family. The dog is a pleasant short break for the woman and the dog gives her hope to look forward to something every day.

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