This kind and caring man rescues homeless dogs in the Mexico city


There are many innocent animals wondering in the streets. These animals are always in need of help.

Many people help te wandering dogs. They do everything possible to make their life better.

These people who help dogs have a huge heart. The man from Mexico rescued many dogs in Mexico in 2013. This man’s name is Edgardo Perros.

The man helped dogs all over the country. The man has a trolley and takes his trolley for 9500 miles journey.

There is no food or medicine for these dog but the man gives love and care to the homeless dogs.

The man even finds a forever home for the dogs. The man says that the dogs were lfet homeless because of their owner.

He wants to awaken consiousness among people. The man gets self-satisfaction and happiness from his mission. The dogs are his forever friends. They give them love and he gives them protection.

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