A brave dog with heart cancer looks after abandoned animals


A dog which suffers from heart attack is very kind to puppies and kittens. The dog has become a mother for stray kittens.

The dog is very kind to animals and continues to look after the puppies who have seen abuse.

The dog is named Gypsy. The dog is 11 years old. Her owner took her from a shelter. The dog is very caring and kind to poor animals.

Desptie the health problems that she has a mother instinct.The dog has lived in the wild that is why it was rather difficult for the dog to live indoors.

As time passed the dog got used to new life. The owner of the dog takes injured or abandoned kittens and the dog shows how kind she is and looks after them with much care.

The dog looks after the kittens and does everything that she can to make their life happier and healthier. The dog has undergone an operation. Her tumor and part of shoulder blade was removed.

The dog has won vet now pet of the year and her owner is proud of the dog. After medication the cute mother dog will go on taking care of the kittens.

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