After the mom of the puppy passed away the puppy waited in the same spot hoping that her mother would come back


A puppy was found wandering in the streets. The mom of the dog was hit by a car and ahe was killed. The puppy was left abandoned fending outdoors.

A good and caring Samaritan always gave food for the puppy and other homeless dogs.

The puppy used stop in a spot and he did not move from his place. It was as if the dog was waiting for his mom to return.

At last, the cute dog was rescued. The dog felt warmth being in the car of the rescuer. The dog will not have to fend freezing in the streets.

The dog was given medication and vaccinations. The dog was getting better day after day. The dog was taken to the vet for the proper medication.

The dog named Baby was adopted and will get warmth and affection he deserves. The dog slept well as well as was fed properly. The dog became lively and playful. Now he is given a second chance to live happily.

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