A dog works as a delivery girl and distributes food in the streets of her city in order to generate funds


A cute and sweet dog delivers food and raises money for the 160 animals. The dog lives in Mexico city.

The dog delivers vegan food. The dog is very responsible for his mission. The dog has attracted many people by her cute appearance wearing the delivery bag.

There are many homeless dogs wandering in the Mexico city. The animal shelters do their best to provide the dogs with better living conditions.

This dog has gainted popularity as he delivers food in the city and raises funds for animals.

This dog is from a shelter and she is named Any. Any destributes hamburgers, flavored water and chips.

The dog has a handler who accompanies her everywhere but the dog knows that the responsibility is up to her.

The parcel should be delivered on time. The dog is very talented and this is obvious. The dog has an instagram account with many followers.

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