Woman adopts senior dog from animal shelter and finds out that the dog is her childhood puppy


A woman wanted to adopt a dog. The woman’s name is Nicolae Grimes. She started to search the dog for adoption in the social media.

Her attention caught a cute pomerian poodle mix. She remembered that her family used to have a puppy of the same breed.

They had to leave the dog as their family moved somewhere different. They left the dog at Washington Area Human Society. The father of the girl got a new job and they moved somewhere different.

The girl got the dog as a gift from grandmother. She has missed the dog during all the time. She called the dog Chloe.

It was very heartbreaking and difficult for her to leave the puppy. Now she has the opportunity to adopt the puppy that looks like her puppy that she used to have.

When the woman came to adopt the dog  she learnt that the dog is 11 years old and was named Chloe. The girl felt warmth and love seeing the dog for the first time.

The dog reminded her of a puppy she used to have. The woman  had the microchip of the dog checked and found out that this dog is the puppy she used to have. This is a real fairtale that  miracles can sometimes happen.

The woman feels happy to have her dog again. They are inseperable and their bond is very tight now. The dog brightens the family’s days. The woman could not have imagined that she could find her childhood four-legged best friend.

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