A touching story. The dog could not stop crying when she saw her owner again after three months of seperation


The owner of the dog lost her job and could not pay for the rent of the house. She could hardly survive. It was rather difficult period of time for her.

She hardly bought some food for her favourite four-legged friend. The owner became hopeless not knowing what to do. She sometimes gave her dog to her friend to look after.

Her friend offered to leave the dog in the animal shelter until she found a proper job and came after the dog. After finding the job to come and take the dog.

The girl did as her friend advised her.  It was rather difficult to leave the dog but she did not have any option.

She worked hard to find a proper job always missing her best friend. The seperation was heartbreaking for her. It took her three months to find a job and a place to live in.

When everything went good the girl went to take back her dog. As the dog saw her owner from distance the dog cried of happiness and missing. The dog rushed towards her owner.

Her owner could not conceal her tears, either. This was an emotional moment. The dog showed that she is loyal to her owner and will never forget her how long it would pass.

The dog wagged her tail and they hugged each other. Both of them were happy to have each other again.

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