A beautiful family. A bright parrot and his unusual girlfriend became parents and their chicks turned out to be more beautiful than their parents.


A girl posted his cute parrots that became an exceptional couple. One parrot is multicoloured and the other is of grey and black colour. The male parrot is called a Kiwi parrot.


The kiwi parrot lived his bachelor life happily. The parrot used to spend  his day on the branches of trees.

The owner of the parrot did not want his parrot to be alone all life. He decided to buy a parrot who will be an unusual girlfriend for the parrot.

They became true friends and a unique couple. They were named Kiwi which is rather cheerful and Susie which is veru shy.

They look so cute together. The parrot lay eggs. The chicks are so beautiful and extraordinary.

The multi coloured feather makes them stunning and cute. The family looks very pretty. The parrots attracted not only their owners but also melted hearts of many netizens.

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