A frightened dog was shivering in despair on one side of the road


A strya dog was seen wandering on one side of the road in a despair. The dog was scared of the volunteers who approached to help the dog.

The dog felt that they were there to comfort him. The dog calmed down and began to let them come closer to him. The volunteers were very attentive and conscious as the dog was on one side of the busy highway.

They were afraid that the dog would get frightened and ran away and be hit by cars. They treated the dog delicious food and in this way they lured him away from the bust road.

The dog was named Mowgli as it looked a lost creature in the streets. The dog was taken into the car immediately. The dog felt and sound in the carrier. The dog was scared to get out of the carrier at first.

The door of the carrier was open as the dog felt warmth and safety he got out of the carrier. The staff members were happy and could not conceal their  happiness. Their eyes were filled with tears.

The dog trusted them and this was a great achivement for the staff. They were able to awaken the feeling of comfort. The eyes of the dog shine with delight and happiness.

The dog is being treated now. The dog still has the past habbit of hiding food but after some time he will feel get used to this good life in the shelter.

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