A stray dog helps children cross the road in Batumi every day


Animals always surprise us. Whenver we think we know everything that they do. They amaze us with unusual habbits and things that they do.

This dog has worked as a traffic officer in his past life. The cute dog has become rather famous in Georgia.

The dog is named Kupata. The dog is very famous among locals. The sweet white and black coloured dog hepls children to cross the road very safely.

Beka Tsinadze shot cute pictures of this scene in Batumi. The photo depicts how a group of children cross the and a dog appears and stands on the pedestrian crossing helping the children in this difficult task.

As the locals say the dog does this regularly. The dog works as a traffic officer and it seems that he really enjoys this.

The locals look after this stray dog as well as feed him properly. The dog feels all the warmth and love and becomes more motivated.

Watch the video here:

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